Memorial Options

After your pet has passed, we will personally transport them or arrange for transport to the crematorium if you wish to have them cremated. There are several options for cremation and different urns available.

We also invite you to submit photos, poems, stories, and other media for our In Memory page.

Private Cremation

Your pet is cremated by itself in the cremation chamber by, and there is no comingling of ashes. You will receive the ashes in 1-2 weeks in an wooden cherry urn with a customized brass nameplate or container of your choosing. If you wish to attend the cremation, you may schedule this service through Agape Pet Services.​

Cost of Care:

  • Less than 40 lbs: $270

  • 40-80 lbs: $320

  • 80-120 lbs: $350

  • For pets greater than 120 lbs, please call 804-476-2338 for an estimate.

Communal Cremation

Your pet will be cremated with other beloved pets in the crematorium at the same time and ashes will not be returned to you. 

Cost of Care:

  • Less than 40 lbs: $85

  • 40-80 lbs: $105

  • 80-120 lbs: $125

  • Greater than 120 lbs: Please call for an estimate.


If you choose to bury your pet at home, please follow local ordinances for safe burial. Pet Cremations Services of Richmond also has a pet cemetery, and offer funeral services.

Pet Memorial Parks has a historical pet cemetery in the West End of Richmond. They will come to the veterinary office or your home when your pet passes, and transport them to the cemetery and prepare them for burial in a lined casket.

If your pet passes away at home, and you wish to have them cremated, you may call:


Lovingkindness Veterinary Care



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