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Quality of Life

Our team will help you to evaluate and track your pet's quality of life, anticipating changes in their illness before they occur. Managing pain and suffering are some of the biggest concerns a family has when caring for a pet at the end of life. We also have several forms to help you assess and track your pet's quality of life. But don't forget that quality of life is about more than managing symptoms and pain. The little joys, smelling the flowers, watching the birds, and being with a dear friend can sometimes be more comforting than any pain medication.

What to Expect in a Quality of Life Assessment Visit

A Quality of Life Assessment is usually a 1 hour visit from our hospice veterinarian or nurse. We will discuss with you how your pet is doing and give you the time, space, and tools to decide what is best for your pet. This type of visit might be best for you if you just aren't sure what to do, and need another pair of experienced eyes to explore your options. We will not make any adjustments to your pet's current medical care or follow up plans, unless you decide to pursue hospice after the visit.

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